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Patriot Clinic Movement: A Grassroots Effort to Heal Our Warriors

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Patriot Clinics as envisioned by the team working in Arizona would use hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments as well as a range of adjunctive therapies to help to heal injured veterans. Veterans with TBI / PTSD symptoms are most likely to become homeless, abuse drugs and alcohol, commit crimes and suicide.

Current VA treatments have proven inadequate. Dr. William Duncan started the first Patriot Clinic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma after the governor signed a bill into law in June 2014 to establish the clinics. OKC Patriot Clinics are available to all military veterans who suffered TBI / PTSD in the service and at no charge for services to veterans. There are as many as 16 states that are somewhere in the process of pending legislation.

Patriot Clinics are evolving to support the health and healing of veterans who continue to need recovery outside of the VA care. Other therapies would include acupuncture, neurobiofeedback, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, nutrient optimization, cognitive therapy, counseling, service dog support, equine therapies and as well as many others.

An ideal situation would be to staff Patriot Clinics with veteran specialists and develop clinics through vetrepreneurs. Our current mission takes the first step to raise awareness and to develop legislation to establish clinics as well as to develop a funding process.

Dr. Rob Beckman is in charge of information at the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation and can help you to connect to the activists working in your state.

If you are a veteran looking for HBOT treatment, please consider participating in Dr. Paul Harch’s current study at LSU. Check out the website